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I'm a researcher at Nagoya university, where I study the early Universe in sub-mm colours. My main interest is a sample of luminous, gravitationally lensed objects: Herschel Bright Sources (HerBS) Sample.
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During these studies, I get to use big sub-mm telescopes

This colour of light can probe the insides of these extremely active and dust-obscured galaxies. Light from newly-created stars is absorbed by cold interstellar dust, which re-emits the in far-infrared colours. To get an idea what I've managed to see with them, check out the Publications tab.

I am currently based in Japan

A move that was both exciting and inspiring. Here I can work on my own project, but also on recent observations of Lyman-Break Galaxies at the dawn of time, and revolutionary new instruments! Some brief snaps of this Japan experience, check out the Photos tab.

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